Online Master’s in Communications Programs

Millions of Americans are now able to complete their college degrees online from the convenience of their own home. Distance learning and online degrees are more popular than ever, making them great selections for your graduate-level learning.

Online degree programs can be attended from your own home or any location with an internet connection. The accessibility and flexibility that online learning provides is unmatched, making it an excellent choice for busy individuals with the desire to do better things in their careers.

Why Consider Learning Online?

With so many online colleges and universities for you to consider, it might be best to look at tuition prices and amount of time it takes to complete a program. Depending on the school you are reviewing, the tuition and fees can vary from other available programs in your subject area.

Online learning gives adults the opportunity to attend college while working full-time or raising a family. The United States has over 70 colleges and universities that offer an online Master's degree in Communications.

With focuses in over ten different areas, a career in Communication offers a variety of paths to choose from.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Mass Communication Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
University of Delaware Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website

Benefits of Learning Online

The decision to pursue a Master's in Communication can provide you with a foundation for success within many different career fields. For some learners, maintaining a stable and predictable schedule may be an important aspect of their choice.

Online Master's in Communication programs can allow students to enjoy the benefits of graduate-level learning without the burden of full-time on campus scheduling. Most online programs in today's society are 100% online, meaning you do not have to attend classes or meetings on campus at all throughout the duration of your program.

Why Study a Master of Communications Online?

Along with the standard benefit of attendance from your home, you can also save on the overall costs of your program by choosing online Master's in Communications degrees. Less travel, no housing, and no on-campus meals can reduce the costs of your program by thousands each semester.

Since the implementation of online degree programs, the quality and review process to ensure accuracy has improved significantly. Accreditation agencies review online programs in the same fashion that traditional programs are reviewed, making the alternative online options just as reliable as any other program in the field.

If you are pondering whether or not to pursue your degree online, you can rest assured that this method of learning can provide you with the same level of expertise as any other available learning option.

Masters in Communications Concentration Options

The concentration for your degree program can be important in helping you find a niche that works for you within the broad field of communications. Specialists within this degree field can work in a variety of different fields, including those in business, social media, and even subfields like healthcare and education.

The expertise that communications specialists bring to the table within their organizations can be beneficial to making great decisions, communicating services and products to the public, and even when seeking changes in the law or expectations of certain fields.

Students have the option to choose from the following areas of concentration:

Types of Communications Programs

Example Programs

Choosing the right program is ultimately your first step to a successful career in the field of communications. Through an internet search, you can find hundreds of available programs that offer both online and traditional curricula to choose from.

One thing that you should be certain to review prior to choosing a program is your program’s accreditation. Universities that have achieved program accreditation have gone through a lengthy review process that ensures the quality of their degree programs.

In addition to the reliability that is ensured through accreditation, the costs and length of the program is another component to consider prior to making your choice. There is a wide variation of prices among universities throughout the U.S., making it important to analyze these prices from the get-go.

Most Master degree programs in Communication take anywhere from 18 months-24 months to complete. In some cases, you might find programs that offer a quick program and expedited graduation. Other programs may offer longer completion periods for students that require a part-time schedule during their learning experience.

You can work at your own pace, taking as little as one class a semester, or up to four. Depending on your plan and schedule, your graduation time might vary from other students in the same program. All colleges provide you with advisors to help you make the best decision in terms of your enrollment status after becoming enrolled.

Below are some of the top schools that offer online graduate degree programs in Communications. The time to complete the program and the concentration might vary. All of these colleges are currently accepting application into their programs.

Example Courses

When you enroll in an online Masters in Communication, you can expect to take courses that can increase your ability to communicate effectively with different crowds. One university offering this online program allows students to take courses in persuasion to help them gain skills in leading conversations toward a particular point.

Persuasive speaking can be an excellent skill to have in fields like business, since a lot of the communication in this field is geared towards the sale of services and products. As a student in this program, you may also take courses that focus on organizational communication – focusing more on how to communicate effectively with your co-workers in a professional setting.

Motivation, persuasion, and interaction are some of the key components that you can study while enrolled in this program. The art of communication can be applicable to different students in different ways, making a diverse curriculum the best option for a wide range of future career areas.

What Can I Do With an Online Masters in Communications?

The field of communications can be an excellent choice for individuals interested in pursuing careers in business, or simply for people that wish to use their great communication skills to achieve goals within their organization.

Business Communications and Marketing

In the field of business, communications specialists can work with their marketing department or with upper level management to organize communications with the public, vendors, or even partnering agencies. Some organizations utilize communications specialists when working with overseas companies, while others may employ these professionals to write and present marketing projects and campaigns.

Human Resources

Internally, communications specialists can also lead teams of human resource professionals – using their skills to connect employees with their organization. In this position, you can be a part of a team responsible for developing employee training programs and even employee seminars and outreach assemblies.

Healthcare, NGOs, Sports, and More

Fields such as healthcare, non-profit agencies, and even professional sports can also benefit from the influx of communications experts. Communication is a key component in consumer relations, media broadcasting, and public relations.

Your degree in communications can help you in obtaining the job that means the most to you. As you better develop your skills through these educational programs, you may identify specialty fields that are intriguing for your abilities and your personality.