Communication Studies Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
Campbellsville University Bachelor BS in Business Administration: Marketing Emphasis Website

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Communication as a professional field can be broken down into many different specialty fields. Specific specialties such as Communication Studies can allow students to develop an expertise in generalized communication skills for advancement within their careers.

Communication Studies is a communication degree major that focuses on the art of communication, theories related to communication, and functional uses of communication in a professional environment. Even with this definition, Communication Studies can be further broken down into the art of communication between specific individuals, organizations, groups, or academic professionals.

Who Should Consider a Communications Studies Degree?

Students that are intrigued by Communication Studies as a discipline can engage in a degree program that can outline methods for different forms of communication, including persuasion, educational, descriptive, or even technical forms. Degree programs in this field often pull curriculum from current and historical communication theories, research, and practical experience.

The core competencies that can be included in degree programs focusing on Communication Studies include those related to critical thinking - which can be beneficial to communicators in the public or academic setting, digital literacy, and strength in oral and public communication.

What You Can Do With a Communications Studies Degree

Some Communication Studies programs can provide some insight into communication related to business marketing, political influence, academia, and even social outreach. Students considering a wide range of career options can pursue degrees in Communication Studies to help gain skills relevant to the work they plan to do in the field.

If you are interested in enrollment into a degree program that can increase your understanding of communication over a wide range of specialized areas, Communication Studies could be the right option for you. Read more in our team of experts' guide below to learn more about programs in this field.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
Campbellsville University Bachelor BS in Business Administration: Marketing Emphasis Website

Click to see more online programs that are taking applications for 2023.

Online Communications Studies Programs

Communication Studies is a degree specialty that can be applicable to students considering a wide range of fields for their future careers. Universities all over the country offer degree programs focusing on Communication Studies as a means for developing skilled and articulate communicators in the professional realm.

Depending on your current degree level, you may be interested in enrollment in degree programs at the bachelor's or master's level. Programs within both degree options can be found in both the traditional and online setting. View the difference between a MA and MS in Communications degree.

ASU Bachelors in Communications Degree

Arizona State University is a current provider for online Bachelor's in Communication programs, which could be an excellent choice for new college students seeking advantage in new careers. Bachelor's level programs can also be a great foundation for students interested in seeking graduate-level programs in the future.

Students with the need for flexibility and convenience in their learning experience can take advantage of online degree programs through reputable universities. Online Communication Studies programs can teach students theory and practice in their field through online course rooms, live video chats, and even prerecorded assignments submitted through a virtual drop box function.

University of Alabama Online MA in Communication Studies Degree

One university that is currently seeking applicants for its online degree program is the University of Alabama. The online Master of Communication Studies through this school offers a specialization in Organizational Leadership - being a great option for upcoming students interested in using their skills to lead and manage groups within a professional settings.

This master's-level program consists of 30 credit hours that can be completed in around 2 years for most learners. The University of Alabama also provides students with different degree completion options including a comprehensive examination option and a professional experience option.

Communication Studies Degree Programs

If you are interested in pursuing a degree program within the field of Communication Studies, you can start your journey at the bachelor's degree level. Many new college students entering into bachelor's level programs choose a specialization that aligns with their chosen career field, such as one in Communication.


A Bachelor's in Communication can help you gain a better understanding of communication from a person vantage point, as well as from a larger, more business-oriented, viewpoint. This knowledge can help you build a foundation of skills for further learning at higher degree levels.

Bachelor's degree programs generally consist of around 4 years of education, which includes both generalized and specialized courses. This blend of information can help you gain a better understanding of how your field is related to other fields within society.

Graduate Programs

At the master's level, students can choose a degree program and a specialization to help create the perfect knowledge portfolio for the career they desire. Degree programs in Communication Studies can teach students more about methods for conflict resolution, persuasion, marketing, and even problem solving.

Graduates of Masters in Communication Studies degree programs can go on to become leaders within the field of business, public relations, political science, or even education. Communication skills can be an incredibly valuable asset to upcoming educators, trainers, managers, and influencers in society.

Depending on the master's program you enroll in, the courses can include various topics and specialized points of interest. You should research different master's level programs in order to see which program might best fit for what you are looking for.

Example Courses in Communication Studies

As you begin your path to a degree in Communication Studies, you might engage in classes that can increase your skills and awareness in different forms of communication. Since this degree program focuses on providing students with a broadened knowledge of communicating, the courses you are involved with many focus on many diverse professional viewpoints during your program.

Core Communications Courses

Business Communication, Crisis Communication, and Strategic Communication are a few of the different forms of communication-based courses that you might see during your program. Each of these courses can take on its own individual focus for students enrolled, teaching more about effective methods for unique goals, considerations, and methods.

Business Courses

Communication in business may include the need for strategic thinking, persuasion, or even consumer consideration. Students within this course can learn more about effective marketing communication, as well as different forms of communication in the face-to-face and digital setting.

PR / Public Relations

Students in Crisis Communication can exercise their skills in calm delivery, organized thought, and problem solving during this course. This course can be exceptionally beneficial for professionals that work in the public domain, the field of education, or even healthcare.

Types of Communications

Additional courses that could be in the Communication Studies degree program include those focusing on the different platforms for communication in today’s society. Vocal communication, digital communication, social media, and publication are just a few forms of common communication methods available in this field.

Students enrolled in this program can take a closer look at these various forms of communication and how they can influence and inform members of society. Topics including the different purposes of communication, such as marketing, teaching, informing, or persuading may also be a major component in these courses.

Communications Career Options

If you have chosen Communication Studies for your degree program, you could have access to a wide range of unique career options once you have completed your program. Degree options like this one can teach students valuable skills that can be utilized in many different careers in diverse specialized fields.

Your education in Communication Studies can best be paired with professional experience that you might have prior to your college enrollment. Students with career experience may have access to higher tier positions in leadership and management in relevant fields.

However, career experience is not required for new graduates seeking entry into this field. You knowledge and expertise gained through collegiate learning can potentially qualify you for entry-level positions in business, healthcare, or even education.


One of the most popular fields of Communication Studies learners is the field of business. Within this realm, graduates can pursue careers as marketing specialists, leaders, strategic planners, or even training and development specialists.

Human Resources

Some professionals entering into the field of business may obtain careers as human resources or human relations professionals. Since the field of business may have been built primarily on the basis of strategic and persuasive communication, these skills can be highly beneficial for students with this field in mind for their careers.

Digital Communications

Unique career options for graduates of this field can be found in tech-oriented and digital careers. Skills in communication can be used to influence others through social media, the internet, and websites. Combining communication skills with digital knowledge can create even more opportunities in website development, social media marketing, and media.

Other Fields

Alternative fields for Communication Studies graduates include education, healthcare, political science, and public affairs. Skills in communication can help professionals in these fields teach others effectively, deliver training and information, and inform and education the public.

Students that have a particular career field in mind when looking for degree options should choose a degree program that is best related to their anticipated career. Thorough research can help you ensure that you choose the right program for your path.