Mass Communication Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration Website

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Mass Communication can encompass several different domains in the field of communication, including public speaking, radio, social media, or even public affairs. The purpose of this specialized communications degree area is to provide learners with the skills necessary to transmit information to large groups of people through different communication platforms.

What is Mass Communication?

Degree programs in Mass Communication can be excellent options for students that are prepared to use their communication skills for influence in the public setting. Mass Communication essentially includes the use of communication to large groups of people, and can be successfully achieved through several different platforms.

Effective communication can be achieved through several different sources through channels that include spoken word, written or published works, the radio, or the internet. Upcoming students that are intrigued by the field of Communication and are eager to pursue a career in large-scale communication jobs can consider Mass Communication for their degree program.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
Campbellsville University Bachelor BS in Business Administration: Marketing Emphasis Website

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What do you study in a Mass Communications degree?

Degree programs in this field may include a look into the creation of information to be provided to a large audience, methods of sending and delivery of this information, and the process of analyzing feedback from the target group. All of these factors can help you to communicate with these groups while using language skills relevant to the group you are communicating with.

Mass Communication can be used for several different purposes. While in these degree programs, you can learn about how Mass Communication is used for entertainment, education, persuasion, and marketing in the public domain. Each of these areas can manifest into several different types of career options in society.

Students that are entering into Mass Communication degree programs can also combine their skills and knowledge in technology with the communication-focused curriculum provided. Since a large portion of communication by individuals, businesses, and the government takes place online, this is an excellent area to provide focus to incoming learners.

Are there online Mass Communications programs?

Yes, a lot of new college students in today's day and age seek programs that can be completed in the online environment. Online learning can allow students to better manage their time, continue working a full-time schedule, and arrange times for learning that work within their schedule.

Stephen F. Austin State University's online Masters in Mass Communications

One university that provides online Master's in Mass Communication programs is Stephen F. Austin State University. This Masters in Communications degree consists of 36 credit hours of material, which can be completed in around 2 years for most learners.

Online programs such as this one may require that students access the online course room at least 2-3 times per week to complete assignments, projects, and communications with teachers or other learners. These elements can combine to create a learning environment similar to what is found in the traditional classroom.

Arizona State University's online Master of Mass Communication degree

Arizona State University is another reliable provider of online Master's in Mass Communication degree programs. The program provided by this university offers specialization in both Mass Communication and Media Studies.

Unique aspects of this program include shorter term classes that can be completed in 7.5 weeks and the option to pursue a fast track option to complete the program at a quicker rate. These benefits can be helpful to students that are exciting and motivated about getting started in their field.

Finding the right Mass Communication Degrees

If you are like many other incoming communication learners in the U.S., you are probably looking for a degree program that complements your current degree level and anticipated career path. Degree programs in Mass Communication may be some of the most popular for communication students, since its reach goes beyond what the standard communication program can provide.

Bachelors in Mass Communications

Online degrees in Mass Communication can be found as early as the bachelor’s level online. At this degree level, students can learn the introductory aspects of communication, including courses that outline the different methods of communication in business, healthcare, government, and international career fields.

While in a bachelor’s-level program, students may also engage in general education courses that are required in most bachelor’s programs in all specialty areas. The goal of the bachelor’s program is to prepare learners for entry-level positions in the field or transition into higher level degree programs after completion.

Masters in Mass Communications

One of the most preferred degree paths for students intrigued by Mass Communication is the master’s level. At this level, students can focus specifically on Mass Communication courses and topics, without any added general education components.

Master’s level programs can also provide students with in-person learning experiences, since some universities require practicum or internship experiences as part of the graduation requirements. This added experience component can help students translate their learning to experience prior to working in the field.

Benefits to pursuing higher level degree programs in Mass Communication can include better competition with other applicants for open careers, more expertise within your field, and the opportunity to pursue doctoral-level programs in the future. If these benefits speak to you as an upcoming communication specialist, master’s level programs may be the right choice for you.

Mass Communication Courses

As you enter into a Mass Communication degree program, you can expect to engage in course work that can sharpen your abilities in widespread communication. Different Mass Communication programs may focus on various aspects of communication related to future careers, with most providing students with core skills relevant to effective forms of communication in society today.

Digital communications courses

One aspect of Mass Communication that you may see during your program relates to Digital Communication. Since Mass Communication involves the delivery of messages to large audiences, the internet and computer technologies can be excellent resources for communication throughout your career.

Courses like this one and Communication Writing can help you in utilizing these tools for the purpose of information sharing, sales of products, or social influence. Depending on the type of career you choose after graduation, each of these elements could be increasingly important to your career goals.

Communications laws and etiquette

In addition to course work that introduces you to the different platforms available for communication, you may also learn more about the laws pertaining to Mass Communication. When given the freedom to communicate to large groups, students must be aware of the etiquette related to Mass Communications, as well as the laws put into place to protect them and the general public.

The combination of these different courses can come together as a incredibly diverse pool of knowledge helpful to Mass Communicators in several different career areas. As you search through various online degree options in Mass Communication, you may find that the courses can vary from program to program.

A review of a program’s curriculum can tell you more about the program’s mission, as well as give you a glimpse into what your experience might be like after enrollment. Our team encourages you to review the courses in your program prior to submitting your application.

Career Options

In the digital age, a lot of upcoming college students are considering a degree in Mass Communication due to its utility in current society. Communication specialists can work in some aspect of all career fields, making it a high-demand option for new college students.

Healthcare mass communications

In the healthcare field, Mass Communication graduates can work in areas concerning public health, leadership, and government relations. Skills relevant to large-scale communication can be beneficial in this field, especially when working in large communities in which fast and accurate healthcare information is vital to public health.

Business mass communications

Students that are interested in pursuing a career in the business field can utilize a Mass Communication degree to obtain positions related to marketing, advertising, or global communications. Important components in the field of business include accurate communication between organizations, employees, and consumers.

Education mass communications

Mass Communication graduates may even find a place within the popular field of education. Career opportunities related to health education, public communication, and educational event planning can be great options for upcoming students within this career field.

There are many different areas within society that can benefit from skilled Mass Communicators. Your ability to transmit information in a way that promote knowledge and influence can potentially set you up for meaningful careers beginning with your college graduation.

While Mass Communication degree programs can provide you with skills relevant to a wide range of career fields, you can choose a career path that best suits your career goals, personality, and experience. Your skills within this field could potentially set you on track for success throughout your career.