Technical Communication Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
Campbellsville University Bachelor BS in Business Administration: Marketing Emphasis Website

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Communication students that have a profound interest in fields such as Information Technology, Healthcare, or Science may be great candidates for degree programs in Technical Communication. This degree area can prepare students for future careers in marketing technological services and products to the public through their knowledge and expertise in specialized areas.

Technical Communication as a degree field may include course work that can help learners find ways to take complex information about different technologies and define them in a language that can be interpreted easily by the common reader. Professionals in this field can be incredibly valuable to the organizations that employ them, since they are responsible for closing the information gap between and organization and its audience.

Considering a Degree in Technical Communications

Students in this field may use their knowledge in IT and Computer Science to outline instructions for the installation of computer software or the benefits of new cell phone technologies to consumers. Professionals that engage in Technical Communication may also do the same for healthcare agencies seeking to communication findings, treatments, or public health information to the public.

Another important component of Technical Communication is that students can be trained to provide instructional information to an audience for a wide variety of topics and subject areas. This skill can be incredibly valuable to graduates as they seek out careers for complex technical positions in the field.

If you are like many others and are intrigued by the field of Technical Communication, you can seek out degree programs at universities near you. There are many institutions that currently offer competitive and high-quality degree programs for students to engage in.

Our team of educational experts has developed this guide as a reference for upcoming students preparing for a search for the right Technical Communication degree program. If you want to learn more about what is available in this field, read along in our guide below.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
Campbellsville University Bachelor BS in Business Administration: Marketing Emphasis Website

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Online Technical Communications Degrees

One of the best ways to prepare for an exciting career in the field of Technical Communication is through engagement in online degree programs. There are numerous advantages to pursuing your degree online, including an incredible amount of flexibility with your scheduling and learning.

If you are new to the collegiate experience, you may be pleased to learn that online degree programs are available at every degree level. Online bachelor's programs can be a great first step for you on your path to a job in this field.

Online Bachelor's in Communication

Online Bachelor's in Communication, Computer Science, Public Health, or even Natural Sciences may be great entry-level programs for you to consider on your way to graduate programs. Since Technical Communication typically requires knowledge and expertise in different subject areas, having a background in your field of interest may benefit you as you progress to higher degree programs.

In the online environment, degree programs may include weekly log-in requirements, online discussions, and even examinations - all through the virtual classroom. Some universities also offer 100% online programs while others may have some variation of an in-person requirements over the course of your program.

Online Master's in Communication

At the master's level, you can find online Master's in Technical Communication to help draw together what you have learned through your undergraduate education with the subjects taught in your graduate program. Online master's programs typically last around 2 years and can lead to prestigious careers in the field once finished.

If you have the desire to move even further in your education after your master's, you can seek out doctoral programs focusing on Communication, Technical Communication, or Strategic Communication to round-out your degree experiences. If you would like to read more about available online degree programs, check out some of the real-world examples provided by our team in the next section.

Masters in Technical Communications Programs

Students that are seeking competitive advantage over other applicants in their career field should seek to pursue a moderately high level of education to meet their goals. More and more students are graduating at the undergraduate level, making it beneficial to consider the master’s level for your education.

Colleges that offer online master’s programs can be found in many states all over the country, making is possible to find a program near you for enrollment. Our team has located a few examples of schools offering the online Master’s in Technical Communication for you to review.

Arizona State University Online Masters in Technical Communication

Arizona State University is a reliable provider of online degree programs for students in various professional fields. This university currently offers you the opportunity to enroll in an online Master’s in Technical Communication to help you reach your career goals.

ASU’s program includes a 36 credit hour requirement, totaling 12 classes overall. Depending on how much time you have available in your schedule, you could complete your program in as little as 1.5 years. This university’s classes are shorter in length than most offerings, totaling 7.5 weeks in length per course.

Northeastern University MS in Technical Communication

The online Master of Science in Technical Communication at Northeastern University can be another reputable option for students ready for their degree experience. This program has 3 concentration options currently, including Computer Industry Writing, Social Media, and Usability/User Experience.

Northeastern University’s program can be completed in around 2 years for most students. With multiple start dates each year, this program can be an excellent choice for incoming students that are ready and motivated to begin their program as quickly as possible.

Masters Level Courses

Students that want to learn more about what a degree program can provide to them can do so through a thorough review of the program’s curriculum. The courses included in a degree program can help students better understand the particular skills that can practice while enrolled and the specific responsibilities they may have as professionals in the field.

Our team of educational experts has looked closely at several different online programs in order to pull information about common courses and learning topics present commonly in these programs. Depending on the college you are considering, the courses may differ from one university to another.

Common courses in the Technical Communication field include those related to User Experience and Web Authoring. These courses can help educate students on methods for directing the common user, as well as answer typical questions about different technologies, software, and even online programs.

Courses related to copyright and intellectual property may also be present within this degree program, since these topics can be relevant to the type of publications displayed in the field of Technical Communication. Knowledge in this area can you develop communication skills that are also conscious of the rights and property of others.

As you progress through a master’s program, you might also partake in classes that introduce you to visual design and data. Skills in this area can be important for upcoming students that plan to pursue marketing-based careers for computer science or information technology fields.

The combination of information from each of these course topics can help create knowledgeable professionals with the ability to assess different products and services, design marketing or information programs that are relatable to the target audience, and follow-up with future needs for their clients. Your participation in these courses can provide you with the skills you need to pursue careers in multiple aspects of Technical Communication fields.

Technical Communications Careers

Once you have completed an online Master’s in Technical Communication, you may have the option to apply for a wide range of careers depending on your educational background and specific field interests. Some skills provided through this degree program can be applicable to a wide range of different career fields.

One of the most popular fields for graduates to pursue careers is within the field of Information Technology. Technical Communication specialists in this field may be responsible for communicating with consumers about installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of programs, as well as providing general knowledge and information about different products.

In some positions, professionals may also be responsible for developing marketing projects for new and incoming products, which is a skill that can be applied in many different specialized areas. While the IT field is a preferred area for Technical Communicators, it is one of many open to incoming professionals.

Technical Writing is another career option for you as you move forward after graduation. In this area of expertise, you may publish works online for the purpose of educating the public about scientific topics, new technologies, or even subjects such as public health and medicine.

Different organizations may seek out writers in this area to create unique and informative articles for the purpose of driving business, persuading new customers, or providing instructional advice for a variety of products.