Health Communication Degrees

Health Communication can involve a doctor's relay of information to a patient, an organizations delivery of data to a community, or even the display of health-related research to government officials. Professionals that work in health-related field can utilize skills in this field to help increase awareness of public health or even contribute to the voice of citizens seeking healthcare support.

What is Health Communication?

Communication can be an incredibly important aspect in interpersonal relationships, business relationships, and provider/patient relationships. In the field of healthcare, great communication can contribute to an increase in knowledge within a community, as well as the ability to transmit information from those that have gathered it to those that are in need of it.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Mass Communication Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
University of Delaware Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website

One of the most unique aspects of Health Communication is that it can be applicable in a wide variety of settings. Health is a subject area that affects people from all age ranges on a daily basis. Some fields that can include Health Communication other than healthcare are education, media, and business.

Educational programs that promote Health Communication specializations may focus on the need for increasing the literacy of health-related terms, as well as creating a gateway between medical language and the general public. Filling this gap can create a scenario in which common citizens can have convenient access to information that can help in maintaining good health during their lifetimes.

Health Communication can also be used as a resource for teaching in schools at all grade levels, colleges, and even within organizations that promote healthy lifestyles for their employees. This degree field can be beneficial for upcoming learners looking for widespread influence during their career.

Choosing to pursue a degree in the field of Health Communication can help you in your pursuits of health-related careers, those in leadership positions, research, or even local or national level government positions. The skills learned in this program can assist you in becoming a persuasive and well-spoken health communicator.

What Online Programs are There?

Many students in today's society may be intrigued by the thought of convenient educational options. Most adults may need degree options that can allow them to continue working full-time jobs while learning, in order to support a comfortable lifestyle and possibly even a growing family.

The influx of online degree options has made it possible for a wide variety of new learners to enroll in bachelor's and master's degree programs to help increase their career opportunities. If you are interesting in pursuing an online degree in Health Communication, you can choose from many different programs currently accepting new students.

Boston University currently provides students with the option to enroll in an online Master of Science in Health Communication. This unique program consists of 40 credit hours that can be completed in as little as 18 months.

Degree programs like this one can help transform your knowledge of communication into considering how it applies in the healthcare setting. This program can also increase your communication skills for the purpose of increasing public attention to public health.

Alternative online programs offered to upcoming learners can be found at universities like Washington State University. This school offers an online Master's in Health Communication and Promotion.

Programs like this one can combine aspects of effective Health Communication with methods for influencing the public in areas concerning public health. The entire program includes 30 credit hours, which can be completed in around 1.5 years.

Regardless of where you choose to enroll, you should review the curriculum prior to applying to make sure that the program provide focus into your preferred aspects of Health Communication. Completing a degree in this field can help you obtain high-demand careers in the growing healthcare field.

Health Communication Degrees

The field of Health Communication may be unique in comparison to other degree fields in that it can be found at multiple degree levels. Students interested in pursuing a degree program that include aspects of both the ever-growing healthcare field and the field of Communication may find that this degree program can be exceptional for their needs.

At the onset of a college experience, students can choose to pursue degrees focusing on Health Communication at the bachelor’s level. This program can take about 4 years to complete, with some universities offering completely online options.

In some cases, you might pursue a core bachelor’s program before moving into a more specialized degree program at higher degree levels. Students can partner a Master’s in Health Communication with a Bachelor’s in Communications, Healthcare, or even select healthcare specialties.

Master’s-level degree programs typically last anywhere from 1.5-2 years and can provide students with a look into the core components of Health Communication. Courses in the online setting may require that students log in a minimum of 2-3 times per week, during which assignments, discussions, and quizzes are completed.

One of the most intriguing aspects of online degree programs is that students can participate in them at times that work for them – without having to plan around a daytime schedule for each class. Online classes can also provide students with quick access to their instructors, online resources, and course tools.

Busy adults that are looking for a career change, advancement in their current careers, or even a first time college experience can look to online Health Communication degrees to help them along the way. These programs can truly cater to the needs of students, which is part of what makes them so attractive to new and experienced learners.

Health Communication Courses

Online Health Communication degree programs can have anywhere from 30-50 credit hours of courses that were designed to provide you with extensive knowledge of communication in this area. Students enrolled in this degree option can participate in classes that focus on the history of the healthcare system, as well as current trends in communication in the field.

Beginning with health-specific courses, students can explore courses like the Biology of Disease during their degree experience. In order to be an effective health communicator, students should have an awareness about different types of diseases, their origin, and information about their transmission.

Courses related to communication in the healthcare field can include Advanced Writing and Media Relations in Health Communication, which can both be beneficial for upcoming professional tasked with informing the public through various means.

Students that are intrigued by the business aspect of Health Communication can participate in courses that can increase their awareness in Health Marketing and Advertising, which can be beneficial in fields such as pharmaceutical marketing.

Like many other specialties in communication, Health Communication can also be intertwined with fields such as Public Relations and Public Affairs due to its influence on society. Courses that can outline communication methods in these areas may also be included within this degree program.

Career Options

Before you commit years of your life to higher education, you may wish to know more about how your hard work in education can pay off during a career. Our team has looked at some of the common career options for Health Communication graduates and provided some information about what was found in this section.

Combining your expertise in the healthcare field with that of communication can bring about many diverse and opportunistic career options. Communication can play an important role in the interaction of people for various reasons, such as teaching and learning, the sales of products, and the delivery of information.

As a Health Communication graduate, you might pursue careers in healthcare management, which can allow you to exhibit your knowledge of the healthcare field and your pristine abilities to communicate health policies, safety protocols, and employee training.

In some cases, graduates of this degree program can move on to sales positions for pharmaceutical companies, healthcare devices and technologies, or even health insurance agencies. Your learned skills in Health Communication can help you obtain many sales-oriented positions in this specialized area.

Some of the most influential positions that Health Communication graduates can obtain may include those in public health. The role of public health professionals may be to communication vital health-related information to the public, so that citizens have helpful knowledge about communicable diseases, available vaccinations, and current health provisions in the U.S.

If you have a particular career field in mind, you should research the option in order to see which aspects of Health Communication might be most important for your development in this field. As the healthcare field continues to grow, more opportunities may arise that require accurate and knowledgeable Health Communication professionals.