Integrated Marketing Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.
American University Master Master's of Arts in Strategic Communication, Digital Communication Strategy and Analytics
Gain the skills you need to succeed in the high-paced world of media.

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Integrated Marketing as a career field can include popular topics within Public Relations and Marketing such as organization/public relationships and public communications. These skills can provide a foundation for effective and influential communication, which could be beneficial for students interested in pursuing careers in political communication or public affairs.

Upcoming communication students intrigued by the field of business and marketing can pursue degree programs focusing on Integrated Marketing. This variation of the Marketing specialization considers all aspects of the organization/client relationship, making it a great option for incoming students with skills in diverse communication areas.

What Can You Do With Integrated Marketing?

While having skills related to internet marketing can be beneficial, this degree option can also help students sharpen their skills in direct marketing and sales. These aspects can allow enrollees to experience and practice their in-person abilities, being a great complement to their digital knowledge and skills.

Combining all of these aspects of communication and marketing can allow students to explore and practice skills relevant to a wide range of marketing tactics. Career opportunities at multiple organizations and professional levels may require that professionals engage in each of these practices.

If you would like to learn more about the field of Integrated Marketing, degree programs that can get you there, and the career options awaiting you, read more in our guide below. Our team of educational experts has reviewed what is offered to students just like you and provided that information in the sections below.

School Level Program Admissions
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication
2 specializations in Digital Communication or Public Relations.
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
Program teaches you to connect creatively and strategically with audiences through targeted campaigns.
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration
100% online, offers a range of study areas.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication
Gain practical and applied knowledge through coursework that explores real-life communication issues.

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Online Integrated Marketing Programs

If you were to conduct an internet search for online degree programs focusing on Integrated Marketing, you might find several different options for your education. Whether or not you have completed a bachelor's program and what type of program you require to fit your lifestyle should be some considerations prior to choosing any program.

Many new college students may seek out bachelor's programs in the online environment that focus on a closely-related generalized degree area. In this field, you could potentially choose an online Bachelor's in Communication or an online Bachelor's in Business Marketing to fit the mold for what knowledge you require.

Students that have already completed a related bachelor's program can seek out online Master's in Integrated Marketing programs through respected universities all over the country. This degree program can help you prepare for a fulfilling career connecting with and influencing the public.

There are numerous advantages to pursuing your degree online, including the ability to complete your program as quickly or as slowly as you desire. This type of flexibility can be exceptionally helpful to adults with full-time jobs or a busy family schedule to work around.

Completing homework and assignments in the online environment can also allow for more comfort and relaxation for students enrolled. If you are one of the many students that experience test anxiety or perform less efficiently in the in-person classroom, online programs could provide you with the added benefit of comfortable learning.

The reliability of online degree options has also increased over the years as more light has been shed on this method of learning. Students considering a degree through online educational programs can receive the same quality of education as students participating in traditional degree programs.

Master of Integrated Marketing Programs

Students that are ready and willing to enroll in online degree programs for their future should seek out reputable master's programs offered in the online environment. There are many different convenient options currently being provided to students all over the country - just waiting for new applicants like you.

Before you take the plunge into online degree programs, you should review a university's program curriculum to ensure it meets your future professional needs. In the section following this one, our team provides more information about some of the common courses provided to enrolled learners.

One university that is currently providing an online Master's in Integrated Marketing is West Virginia University. This reliable college provides a program consisting of 10 courses, totaling 30 credit hours.

This degree program can likely be completed in around 1 year for most learners. As with most online options, you can choose to extend this length of time to completion if needed to fit into your personal life schedule.

St. Bonaventure University is another reliable contributor of online masters programs found through an internet search. The university's online Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications can be an excellent choice for incoming applicants searching for high-quality and thorough master's degree programs.

Like alternative universities, SVU offers students the option of completing their program in around 1-1.5 years. This type of anticipated completion time can be motivating to students that are excited about moving into their lifelong career as quickly as possible.

These universities are just 2 of many being offered to students in the online environment. Searching for programs can be a simple process that can provide you with more insight into the courses, estimated length, and experiences associated with each program.

Masters in Integrated Marketing Level Courses

The courses included within your degree requirements often provide you with the knowledge needed to be an effective professional in the field. You can learn a lot simply by reviewing the courses within a degree program, since this can essentially inform you of what the degree program prepares you to do as a professional.

Reviewing the courses can also help to ensure that you are choosing a degree program that is closely aligned with the career you wish to pursue once you have graduated from your program. Our team of experts has pulled some of the most common courses from the Master’s of Integrated Marketing to enlighten you on what you may experience.

Marketing Strategy and Planning is a popular course offering found within a large number of master’s programs in this field. As a marketing specialist, you may need skills relevant to analyzing the needs of your clients, planning successful marketing programs, and implementing these plans in the public domain.

This course can include some practice and presentations, which can increase your creativity and planning skills during your program. Related courses such as Creative Strategy and Design can allow you the opportunity to utilize computer-based design programs to create inventive and unique marketing plans.

Courses that focus on your communication skills may also be a big part of your degree program. Since Integrated Marketing students are sometimes tasked with utilizing different means of communication and marketing during their career, you may be required to engage in practice of speech writing, interview techniques, and strategic communication.

Lastly, the new age of digital marketing may spark the need for more tech-savvy marketing specialists in a wide range of businesses and organizations. Digital Marketing is a course that can introduce you to the latest trends in marketing, website design, social media, and internet presence as important tools for marketing success.

Integrated Marketing Career Options

One of the most beneficial aspects of degree programs in Integrated Marketing is that they can prepare you for careers in field fields of Marketing, Communication, and Public Relations. Depending on your career preferences, experience, and education, there could be many diverse career offerings for you after graduation.

Each of these career areas can be beneficial to organizations in several different ways. The business field may rely on Integrated Marketing professionals to spread knowledge and interests about their products for more sales, while organizations in the political domain may need employees in this area to connect with their supporters.

The field of communication includes careers that require extensive speaking, writing, and marketing skills for message-sharing and mass advertising. If you are interested in becoming a part of this intriguing field, check out some of the most common careers options below.

Some graduates of this degree program seek out career focusing specifically on different forms of marketing. This could lead to careers in the field of business as Marketing Analysts, Market Research professionals, or even Digital Marketing specialists.

Each of these career options may require that you connect with the public for the purpose of selling products or services for your employer, which requires creativity, innovation, and knowledge of your audience.

On the other end of the communications spectrum, graduates may choose to pursue careers in Public Relations and Affairs after completing this degree program. The goal of professionals in this realm of expertise is to communicate with the public on behalf of their organization.

This career field could include strategic communication for the purpose of influence, informing the public of changes or new services, or even relationship building between and organization and stakeholders.

Alternative career options for graduates in this degree area can be found in journalism, consulting, and even within non-profit organizations serving various populations. Your interests and skills may lead you into diverse job opportunities throughout your career.