Global Communication Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration Website

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Global Communication is a specialized degree availability for students interested in learning skills for communication over a broader area than just the United States. Skills in Global Communication can open doors for graduates at the international level, which can further extend your career options after completing your program.

What is Global Communication?

Pursuing a degree in Communication can provide you with the skills you need to effectively deliver knowledge, expertise, opinions, or general information across a defined setting. This setting can include face-to-face contact, written format, digital media, or even recorded language.

If you are interested in pursuing a degree program that can provide you with specialized knowledge in a specific field of communication, options like Global Communication could be an intriguing option to consider.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
Campbellsville University Bachelor BS in Business Administration: Marketing Emphasis Website

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Students that choose this degree option can explore how information is shared and exchanged at an international level. This program can convey knowledge about different social constructs, methods of information delivery, and considerations for foreign communicators.

Global Communication as a whole can include components directly and indirectly related to the art of communication across the world. This field can teach students to explore the influence of digital communication on education, social, and political development in different countries, as well as how the availability of online and social platforms has changed the social context of different groups in specific parts of the world.

Through this degree program, students can learn how to utilize Global Communication platforms to reach international users for a variety of purposes including politics, social media, entertainment, or education.

Students that are seeking a career option that can put them in touch with different cultures, values, and communication systems could benefit from a degree in Global Communication. If you would like to learn more about degree programs focusing in this area, read further into our team of experts' guide below.

Global Communication Degrees

You can begin your experience in Global Communication as soon as you enter into collegiate level degree programs. Many universities all over the country can offer students the opportunity of engaging in bachelor's-level degree program suitable for numerous entry-level careers in the the field of communications.

At the bachelor's degree level, students can combine general education courses with introductory courses focused on Global Communication. Most bachelor's programs in the online setting can be completed in around 4 years, with some offering complementary master's programs available to apply to after completion.

Some students may choose to pursue a generalized Bachelor's in Communication program at the entry-level in order to provide themselves with a solid foundation of knowledge in communication. Once this program has been completed, students can then move into Master's in Global Communication programs in order to get the most out of their degree experience.

Master's level programs can be some of the most preferred by employers in the field of Global Communication. This could be due in part to the higher number of bachelor's graduates applying for jobs in the field, or simply based on the more focused education that master's learners can get during high level programs.

During a master's program, students can take courses that are more strictly focused on their degree specialization. Master's programs online typically consist of weekly discussions with classmates, assigned readings, and assignments that include the need for independent research.

In the online setting, students can turn their assignments in through the use of a drop box feature. Testing can also be completed online through a timed examination feature. One of the most attractive features of online degree programs may be the ease of access to communication with other students and teachers through the online email and discussion board features.

What Online Programs are There?

Students interested in pursuing Global Communications degree programs can begin their experience immediately upon entering the collegiate level. Many undergraduate programs can entice learners into the field of General Communications, with master’s-level programs typically providing more focus in specialized areas such as Global Communication.

Different learning formats can also potentially open doors for a wide range of students with varying time constraints. A lot of new college students may be choosing convenient online programs as their means for gaining a higher level of degree.

If you are one of the many students currently seeking an online version of the Global Communication degree program, you have stopped at the right place. Our team of educational experts has location a couple of examples for you to consider on your path.

The University of Florida currently provides an online Master of Arts in Global Strategic Communication. The entire program includes 37 credit hours that can be completed in around 2 years. This program can be a great option for learners that are in need of flexibility with their learning throughout the entire length of their program.

Additional universities offering unique degree programs in Global Communication can be found at locations all over the country. Each program may provide a focused look on Global Communication from the standpoint of a future professional, international team member, or even an organizational leader.

Located in Illinois, Loyola University can be another excellent option for upcoming learners intrigued by the field of Global Communication. This school provides students with the option of completing a 2-year online Master of Science in Global Strategic Communication.

This degree option and many others can promote independent learning through online courses, flex scheduling, and self-paced courses. Depending on where you reside, more degree options could be available for you to consider in the online setting.

Global Communication Courses

Students considering a transition into Global Communication degree programs can prepare themselves for a look at communication from a worldly standpoint. In many fields such a Business, professionals should have a profound knowledge of culture and communication in different countries, as well as the influence of technology within these different cultural areas.

The courses that you can take during your program can essentially turn you into a successful and knowledgeable professional. Depending on your school, your course requirements and the titles of your courses can vary from similar degree programs at other universities.

One university currently offering an online Master’s in Global Communication provides course work focusing on International Communication and Crisis Communication. Each of these courses can provide students with insight into how communication is accomplished between different countries, as well as proper etiquette for responding in the event of an international crisis.

Global Communication Theory may also be included in the curriculum within Global Communication programs. This course can allow students to explore some of the foundation elements of the development of this field, as well as current thoughts and research within the field.

Learning more about Communication Theory can help you comprehend the current methods of Global Communication in the field. As the years have progressed, communication specialists have found that some methods of communication with the public may be more effective then some in times passed.

Since technology plays such a large role in communication across the world, components in these degree programs may focus on how the internet is utilized when working internationally with one or multiple countries.

Courses provided through these degree programs may be found under different names and topics. As you sort through the various degree programs currently provided by different universities, you should ensure that your program of choice consists of the topics that are closest related to your future career field.

Career Options

Having knowledge in Global Communication and the completion of a related degree program can prepare you for acquiring a wide range of unique careers during your professional lifetime. Communication can be a critical aspect of all career fields, since it is vital to the connection of people for various purposes.

Global Communication degree programs can prepare learners for considering different methods of communication, customs, and devices used by different areas of the world. This can create a foundation of knowledge for upcoming professionals that can create relevant and useful lines of communication for a wide variety of purposes.

In the field of business, professionals in advertising, marketing, and trade may require extensive knowledge in Global Communication. The transport of goods to other countries may rely on effective and accurate communication skills, as well as the marketing of goods in foreign countries.

Educators in multiple teaching specialties can also benefit from a knowledge in Global Communications. Some educators may be tasked with teaching domestic students about worldwide communication methods while others may work overseas teaching international students the various forms and customs related to communication.

Specialized fields such as Disaster Response, Politics, and the U.S. Government may require professionals that have a profound knowledge of Global Communications. If you choose to pursue a degree in this field, you could potentially qualify for careers within many interesting and diverse specialized areas.

If you are intrigued by Global Communication and what it can provide to you in terms of career options, you should seek out degree programs accepting applicants today. As the world continues to change in the face of technology, more careers in this field could become available over time.