Strategic Communication Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
Program teaches you to connect creatively and strategically with audiences through targeted campaigns.
University of Delaware Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
Specialize in either Public Relations or Digital and Social Media—or choose your own electives to design the program that best matches your career goals.
Concordia University - Saint Paul Master MA in Strategic Communication Management
100% online program is designed for working professionals and delivered in a format that allows you to study on your own schedule.
American University Master Master's of Arts in Strategic Communication, Digital Communication Strategy and Analytics
Gain the skills you need to succeed in the high-paced world of media.

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In terms of purpose in the field of Communication, Strategic Communication seeks to train students on the most effective methods for identifying target audiences, gathering information about them, and developing Marketing or Communication programs that best fit their opinions, wants, and needs.

Strategic Communication overall entails several different components of Communication and Marketing. This blanket term includes a look into the different elements required for analyzing statistical data about groups in society, researching purchase and online trends, and creating programs that include the aspects found throughout this study.

Upcoming college learners interested in degree fields focusing on Communication or Marketing may be on the hunt for programs that are more focused on specific subfields that are closely related to their interests. One specialization that may be growing in popularity is that of Strategic Communication.

Considering a Degree in Strategic Communications

Overall, this field includes a deeper look into the preferences of the public in order to create more efficient messages from the originating organization. The fields of business, healthcare, political science, and the U.S. Government may benefit from the services that graduates in Strategic Communication can provide overall.

Our team of educational experts has reviewed current degree programs in this field in order to help you learn more about what is available and what types of careers you can pursue after completing them. There are multiple universities that offer reliable degree programs in Strategic Communication for you to consider.

As you read through this guide, you should consider what type of influence you would like to have and what type of setting you would like to work in after graduation. There may be a large variation of well-known businesses and organizations seeking out educated and motivated graduates to fill their open positions.

School Level Program Admissions
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication
2 specializations in Digital Communication or Public Relations.
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
Program teaches you to connect creatively and strategically with audiences through targeted campaigns.
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration
100% online, offers a range of study areas.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication
Gain practical and applied knowledge through coursework that explores real-life communication issues.

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Online Strategic Communications Degrees

In the age of technology, students may find convenient learning options through online universities and degree programs. One of the benefits of choosing to pursue a degree online is that you can partner your education with a full-time work schedule or even your busy personal life.

Some of the most well-known and affluent colleges in the U.S. even offer online options for select degree programs in the field of Communication. The quality of online options may be comparable to what you can find in the traditional environment.

Online Bachelors

Beginning at the undergraduate level, students can pursue online degree programs to help jump-start their education. Online Bachelor's in Communication is a degree program that may be popular among students considering a jump into Strategic Communication, making it a great option for you to choose along your path.

Online bachelor's programs typically consist of around 4 years of educational courses, which include general education courses like Composition, College Algebra, and Humanities. In addition to these general courses, you can begin course work in Communication, Business, and Marketing.

The online bachelor's program can provide you with the foundation knowledge needed to be accepted into graduate level programs after your graduation. At the graduate level, you can design a degree program that is more focused on the type of work you plan to do in the field.

Online Masters

Online Master's in Strategic Communication can be found at universities at different locations in the U.S. The credit hour requirement for this program can vary depending on where you are enrolled, with most programs consisting of 1.5-2 years of learning prior to graduation.

Learning in the online environment can provide you with the opportunity to arrange you lifestyle to fit into your future goals. If you are interested in seeing more about what type of online programs may currently be available, check out the universities provided in the next section.

Masters in Strategic Communication Programs

In order to be the best strategic communicator you can be, you should have access to reliable degree programs through reputable universities in the U.S. Your involvement in these degree programs can set the stage for a long-lasting career helping organizations reach their target audience.

Our team has researched currently open degree programs being provided to new learners all over the country. The master's programs listed in this section require that applicants hold a minimum of a Bachelor's in Communication, Business, or other related discipline prior to being accepted into their programs.

Michigan State University Online Master's in Strategic Communication

Michigan State University offers a competitive online Master's in Strategic Communication for learners intrigued by the fields of communication and marketing. This 100% online program does not require the GRE and has 1, 2, and 3 year tracks available to students with different needs.

Flexible degree programs with numerous enrollment options can be incredibly beneficial to employed learners looking to supplement their experience with a higher education. With MSU's program, you can choose the amount of time you spend in your program.

American University 2-Year Online Masters in Strat Comm

Another degree option for incoming students searching for reliable online degree programs can be found through American University. This institution offers a completely online Master's of Strategic Communication for upcoming business professionals prepared to work with a wide variety of clients in the field.

This 2-year program offers students the opportunity to engage in further concentrations in Social Change and Digital Communications Strategies and Analytics. Either of these options could be helpful for students that are on track for a specific type of career in Communication once finished.

Masters Level Courses

If you have spent any time researching online degree programs in Strategic Communication, you may already know that the course work can prepare you for working in a wide variety of fields related to mass communications. The courses that make up this degree program can provide you with the knowledge and experience needed to effectively analyze information, people, and trends in an effort to connect with the public or sell products and services.

Course work related to Strategic Writing may be common in this online degree program. Strategic Writing can educate students on how to develop influential and persuasive publications, speeches, and even social media posts. This skill could be beneficial for students interested in pursuing political careers or those in media communication.

In addition to the writing component, students can also learn more about the various methods pertaining to audience attention and retention through Social Media Communication. This course can specifically outline the different strategies for connecting with consumers via popular social media platforms and utilizing common interests for development of organization/audience relationships.

Depending on which school you choose for your program, you may find varying courses such as Crisis Communication or Political Communication within your degree program. Since Strategic Communication can include skills relevant for many different careers, each degree program my try to include components from several different professional areas.

The course work that you participate in may not be the only aspect of experience and knowledge that you experience in your degree program. While most programs in this field are 100% online, there are some programs that may require in-person practica or internships as part of the degree requirements.

It is important for you to review the total expectations of a degree program prior to applying. Deep research can help you to ensure that you have chosen a degree program that is relevant to the field you want to work in and meets your flexibility requirements personally.

Career Options

A lot of students reading into Strategic Communication wonder what exactly this type of degree program can lead them into within their career. An intriguing aspect of this field is that it can apply to many different career fields, with multiple purposes for communication specialists.

Working as a Strategic Communication specialists can mean very different things depending on your hiring company. In some cases, you may be responsible for information gathering on potential clients and customers, or even connecting with the public to determine widespread opinions.

In other areas of specialty, professionals can collect and analyze data from websites including customer traffic, demographics, and trends in web searches. This information can tell marketing teams important information about how people behave in the business environment and what type of preferences are common among different groups.

Some teams that consist of Strategic Communication specialists may be tasked with using the information gathered for developing successful outreach or marketing programs. Members of these groups should exhibit creativity within their work and the determination to modify existing programs as needed throughout the process.

In the field of business, you may work as an advertising manager responsible for researching the wants and needs of your customers. This could include being responsible for the development of creative and long-lasting marketing plans for the sale of products or services.

Alternatively, you could pursue a career as a Public Relations specialists responsible for connect political figures with their following through speech writing, publications, and social media presences. The field of Public Relations may be a great place for graduates interested in being a part of the U.S.’s political environment.

In the non-profit environment, Strategic Communication graduates can obtain jobs as Fundraising specialists or Marketing managers. Each position carries an important role in the delivering of services to the public and the overall success of their organization.