Political Communication Degrees

Current degree programs in Political Communication can engage students in learning about communication theory and how it can relate to the field of politics. Different forms of communication including the media, public speaking, and journalism can be valuable tools for transmitting information from political figures or even individuals interested in influencing public opinion on different issues.

What is Political Communication?

Students that have a profound interest in the fields of Public Affairs and Communications can blend their interests through degree programs in Political Communication. This degree program combines aspects from both realms to provide students with the skills they need to engage in effective Political Communication through several different platforms.

Some of the well-known aspects of communication such as Strategic Communication can be included within these degree programs, since Political Communication can sometimes be focused on influencing the public. Strategies involved in widespread campaigning, political law, and lobbying can also be included within this program.

Universities offering Political Communication degree programs may be working towards training future political communicators for expanding their voice throughout society for the purpose of drawing attention to current political ideals, influencing different groups, or rallying change within specific areas in public policy.

If you have an interest in the field of politics and would like to expand your influence through word of mouth, the media, or at the government level, a degree in Political Communication could be the right choice for you. Read along in this guide to learn more about degree programs in this specialized area.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Mass Communication Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
University of Delaware Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website

What Online Programs are There?

Students that have the desire to pursue a fascinating career in Political Communication can begin with a delve into online degree programs. More and more students may be looking to online options for learning, due to their extremely flexible curriculum and scheduling variability.

One of the benefits of choosing Political Communication as your career focus is that you can begin your educational training at the bachelor's level. Some students may choose the online Bachelor's in Communication as their primary degree program, following up with Political Communication specialties at the master's level.

Bachelor's level programs can provide students with generalized knowledge in the field of communication through online course work and discussions. Some courses at the bachelor's level may also be general education requirements such as English, Mathematics, and History.

Once you have completed your online bachelor's program, you can potentially qualify for acceptance in online Master's in Political Communication degree programs. At this level, you can possibly add specializations to your degree program in order to create the perfect learning experience for the career you seek.

Master's programs are generally shorter in length than bachelor's, with some having an estimated completion time of 1-3 years. The rate of your enrollment can affect how long it takes you to graduate from your program.

Online programs can require you to log in to your courses from any location with an internet, study virtual resources, complete assignments, and engage in communication with your teacher and other students. Online options cover the same aspects that traditional options do, making it a great option for learners without the free time to attend classes on campus.

Political Communication Degrees

If you are like many other incoming students in Political Communication, you may be looking for reliable degree programs to enroll in. Reliable degree programs can provide you with a high quality learning experience that can translate to success during your career.

The University of Florida can be a trustworthy and high-quality option for you to consider for your degree experience. This university provides students with an online Master of Arts in Political Communication for their future career goals.

This program includes a 36 credit hour requirement that may take 2-3 years to finish. During this degree program, you may learn more about networking in the political field, influential speech and writing skills, and methods for audience attraction.

Another provider of online degree options in Political Communication can be found at American University. This college has developed an online Master's in Political Communication suitable for learners that are interested in pursuing high-ranking careers in the field of American Politics.

When you enroll in an online master's program, you can expect that your entire experience can span the length of 1-3 years. Every university may have its own unique expectations and completion times, so it is important for you to do your research before choosing a college to enroll in.

These degree options are just a couple of the many diverse degree programs currently being offered all over the U.S. If you would like to see more programs that are open for enrollment, our team encourages you to conduct a search for online Political Communication programs in your area.

Political Communication Courses

The thought of pursuing a career in Political Communication can be exciting for upcoming students in this field. However, it may be beneficial to learn more about the classes and subjects that may be covered while you are engaged in this degree program.

Learning more about what is included in your degree program can help you better prepare for your future as a Political Communication learner. Our team of educational experts has researched currently operating programs in order to show you more about what is inside.

Political Communications courses can begin with providing focus to students in important areas such as Campaign Communication, Persuasive Communication, and the Fundamentals of Political Engagement. These courses can introduce you to methods used in the political field for connecting with the public, sharing information, and discussing important political topics to a mass audience.

Methods for communication in the political environment such as through news outlets, newspapers, television, and digital media may also be included in your program. Learning tips to properly utilize each of these platforms during your career can help you to grow into an efficient and knowledgeable communication specialist.

As with any field in Communication, you can also participate in courses that can teach more about the laws and ethics surrounding mass communication for Political Communicators. The combination of these courses can provide a stable foundation for entering into this professional field and obtaining reputable careers during your experience.

While you conduct your own search for available online degree programs, you should take the time to review the curriculum in order to determine if the programs consists of the elements that would be complement your intended career path.

Career Options

Completing a degree program in Political Communication can be an exceptional experience for determined learners. The skills taught within the curriculum of this program can prepare you for a variety of different career options in the field of Public Policy, American Politics, or Political Media.

Some graduates of this degree program can move on to work for Mass Media platforms responsible for communicating political information to the general public. Some of these news outlets may require educated and experienced political writers, debaters, or speakers to fill their open positions.

In some cases, graduates can also move on to work with political parties during the campaign and election process. The role of a Political Communication specialist within this area may be to write political speeches, provide statements for news outlets, or help plan political rallies for their teams.

Alternative career options in this field can be found on the public side of the political agenda. Some professional communicators can work as a voice for the public on certain topics such as energy conservation, education, and public affairs. Your skills within this area could prepare you for a career on either side of the political spectrum.

If you are interested in pursuing a specialty career, or you are already working in a particular area in politics, you may find master’s options that can provide you with a specialization that is fitting for what you require to advance your career.

Our team encourages you to seek out programs that can promote you to higher levels of thinking in Political Communication, as well as highlight your personal skills and personality.