Digital Communication Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.
American University Master Master's of Arts in Strategic Communication, Digital Communication Strategy and Analytics
Gain the skills you need to succeed in the high-paced world of media.

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Digital Communication degree programs can further educate learners on how information is transmitted using the internet, with popular devices such as computers and cell phones. Topics of interest in this program can include the utilization of e-mail, websites, and social media as sources of mass communication.

What is Digital Communication?

In today's society, communication can take place in an instance. Upcoming college students interested in pursuing a career focused on communication via digital sources can participate in Digital Communication degree programs at universities across the U.S.

While in this degree program, students can learn about how individuals and businesses utilize the media to inform and sell their products. Other important components in Digital Communication can include the way that information is displayed for the public and how it is absorbed by potential customers.

Additional topics within Digital Communication that can be helpful for upcoming professionals in this field is a look into how data is transported from one source to another, methods for secure transmission, and the analysis of data retrieved from online resources.

The purpose of this degree program is to train future Digital Communication specialists to use different forms of digital media to connect with the public for reasons related to business, education, influence, or public affairs. If you have an interest in any of these areas, this could be the right degree program for you.

School Level Program Admissions
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication
2 specializations in Digital Communication or Public Relations.
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
Program teaches you to connect creatively and strategically with audiences through targeted campaigns.
Campbellsville University Associate AS Business Administration
100% online, offers a range of study areas.
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication
Gain practical and applied knowledge through coursework that explores real-life communication issues.

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What Online Programs are There?

Beginning at the most basic degree level, students can enroll in online bachelor's programs to begin their journey into a career in Digital Communication. Since communication through digital means continues to grow in today's society, you might see degree programs in this field become more available and diverse as the years progress.

At the undergraduate level, degree programs in Digital Communications can consist of 2 years of standard courses, including those in Composition, Algebra, and Social Sciences. These basic courses are typically included within bachelor's programs in all fields.

The final 2 years of an online bachelor's program can be more focused in Digital Communication and the introductory topics required for further degree advancement. Online bachelor's programs in this field could possibly prepare you for some entry-level careers after graduation.

Online Master's in Digital Communication can also be excellent options for enrollees that have already completed in a bachelor's degree in the field of communication or other related field. Master's programs generally move directly into courses focusing on Digital Communication and can take 2-3 years to finish.

The master's curriculum is designed to provide students with practical skills that can be used when working in the career field, as well as provide some theoretical foundations for the development of this field. Some universities may require that students attend seminars or practical experiences on campus, while others require no campus visits throughout the program.

In the online setting, you can choose the times that you log-in for studying and completing homework. Since the internet has grown into one of the most influential tools for communication, it can be commonplace for students in Digital Communications to complete their degrees through online learning platforms.

Digital Communication Degrees

Once you have decided on a degree in Digital Communication, you may be overwhelmed with the degree availabilities to choose from for enrollment. There are numerous degree programs that offer variations of the Digital Communication degree that could be beneficial for different career options.

The University of North Carolina offers an online Master of Arts in Digital Communication that could be useful for upcoming students interested in pursuing a wide range of career opportunities after graduation. UNC's part-time program includes 30 credit hours that can be completed 2 courses at a time.

This program requires that students participate in 2 on-campus experiences during the program, which can provide learners with hands-on experience in their degree area. In its entirely, this program can be completed in around 3 years.

The University of North Texas provides a unique variation of the Digital Communication degree program with its online Master of Science in Digital Communication Analytics. This 36 credit hour degree program that can be excellent for students interested in collecting and analyzing communication data for the purpose of better Digital Communication within their organization.

This program consists of 12 courses that can outline different methods of collecting data in Digital Communication, as well as the organization and utilization of this information for the purpose of service improvement. This program could be a great option for students intrigued by the field of Communication and Data Science.

As you can see, the types of degree programs available in Digital Communications can allow you to take on different specialized practices depending on what interests you. As you search for the best fitting degree program, you should consider what type of career you would like to participate in when working in the field.

Digital Communication Courses

Degree programs in Digital Communication can help you to explore different aspects of communication through use of digital sources. Learning can take place from the perspective of the professional, the customer, and even from theory.

Courses focused on the audience – or consumer – may include those like Audience Psychology. This course can provide you with insight into methods to better connect with your audience and can include some topics related to tone, presence, and defining interests.

In the digital world, it can also be important to present information in a way that is visually stimulating and attractive. Courses in Information Visualization can help you better comprehend the importance of graphic design and data visualization in Digital Communication.

As you progress through your degree program, you might also find helpful courses related to strategy in communication, which can be beneficial when working for organizations that wish to educate or influence their audience. Learning to communicate effectively and utilize tools for information delivery, sales, or even influence can be great steps within Digital Communication courses.

In a lot of Digital Communication degree programs, you may also find courses related to Digital Data Analytics. These courses can help you comprehend the use and meaning of data within this field, which can be important to growth and audience connection.

Using digital resources for the purpose of communication can include technological components such as graphic design, data analytics, and multimedia design. Each of these areas can contribute to how well you communicate with consumers, clients, and the public through your digital platforms.

Career Options

Some students entering into Digital Communication degree programs may be interested in pursuing careers involved with website design, online advertising, and social media advertising. These fields may be some of the fastest growing options for new graduates – and may continue to flourish as internet dependence increases.

Specialized career options in the broad field of business can also be career alternative for graduates in this field. With a degree in Digital Communications, you could pursue a career as a marketing specialist, advertising manager, or even a human resources director.

Digital Communications can be beneficial in the field of business due to its versatility and uses within organization and between organizations and the public. Expertise within this area can help you to become a stimulating and engaging employee trainer or even a social media advertising expert.

Your skills within this field can also help you obtain careers as a communication specialists in healthcare, education, or even public affairs. Each of these fields may require professionals to engage with the public for the purpose of information sharing, teaching, or influencing public opinion.

The technical skills that can be learned during this degree program can provide you with a foundation of knowledge usable in a variety of different career options. Our team encourages you to research career options that may be the most intriguing to you so that you can choose a degree program that provides you with the specific skills you need to succeed.