Public Relations Degrees

School Level Program Admissions

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Public Relations is a degree field that essentially focuses on building and maintaining relationships between organizations and the public. This broad statement about Public Relations can include many sub-topics that focus on several different components of the organization/public relationship.

Organizations can utilize Public Relations as a means for informing stakeholders of current issues, progress, or mission statements within their functioning. The goal of this type of communication may be to educate the public about an organization, keep knowledgeable stakeholders up to date with current happenings, or even to draw in more interest to its company.

Considering a Public Relations Degree

Public Relations can also be involved in delivering information to the media for spread within the public forum. Professionals in this career field may seek to portray their organization in a certain light, so that the public is aware of the organization's purpose and function.

Some companies may employ Public Relations (PR) Specialists to speak publicly during events as a way to vocalize company opinion, appreciation, or connection with the public. The goal of the PR team may be to simply engage with their audience or to bring in more interest for the purpose of growth.

In some cases, investors within an organization may request regular updates and feedback about the current standing of the company in which they have a vested interest. Organizations may employ Public Relations professionals to meet regularly with investors in order to share data regarding progress, updates on changes or improvements, and receive opinion to bring back for consideration.

If you are the type of person that enjoys working in the public, has an energetic personality, or desires to be the connecting factor between the public and organizations, the field of Public Relations could be the right choice for you. Read along in this guide to learn more about degree programs available to you.

School Level Program Admissions
University of West Alabama Bachelor Bachelor of Arts/Science Integrated Marketing Communications
Gain hands-on multimedia experience in several areas as you study web design, social media, news writing, photography, graphic and interior design, video, and event planning.
University of West Alabama Master Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications
Graduates of this program are prepared for management-level work with clients in advertising and communications settings.
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication
2 specializations in Digital Communication or Public Relations.
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
Program teaches you to connect creatively and strategically with audiences through targeted campaigns.

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Online Public Relations Programs

The road to becoming a successful Public Relations specialist begins with your involvement in a reliable degree program. In this day and age, there may be numerous options for you to consider, regardless of your current location or education level.

One of the most convenient methods for achieving an education in the field of Public Relations is through online educational programs. These flexible options begin at the undergraduate level and continue on through terminal graduate degree options.

Bachelors in Communications or Public Relations

If you are new to college education, you may begin with an online bachelor's program suitable for movement in this field. Some students may choose to pursue an online Bachelor's in Communication or an online Bachelor's in Public Relations as a great first step for pursuing a career in this area.

Students that have already achieved a bachelor's may be on the hunt for online master's programs offering flex-scheduling and independent learning experiences. There are many different online Master's in Public Relations being offered across the U.S., most of which are 100% online.

In the online environment, students can take advantage of scheduling around their personal schedule. Online courses often allow you to engage in learning at times of the day that work for you - even in the early hours of the morning or late at night.

The asynchronous nature of online programs is suitable for students that cannot commit to logging in at specific times of the day. Most courses within online degree programs allow students to complete work at their own pace.

Students interested in pursuing online degree programs for their education can find an abundance of online options through an online search. Our team of educational experts has also reviewed some online options and provided more information about what was found in the section below.

Master of Public Relations Programs

If you have spent any time searching for careers in the field of Public Relations, you may have noticed that a lot of companies are seeking graduates from master's-level programs to fill their open positions. This is likely due to the more focused education that you can receive through master's programs, which can better prepare you for entering into these types of careers.

At the master's level, you can engage in courses that provide you with expertise in the different elements of Public Relations, which you can read more about in the next section. Our team of educational experts wanted to give you a glimpse inside of current online Master's in Public Relations program so that you know what to expect moving forward.

University of Florida Online Masters in Public Relations

Through our team's search, the University of Florida was identified as one of the many reliable providers of online Master's in Public Relations programs. This university actually lists this program as a Master of Arts in Communication with focus in Public Relations - making it a great option for students hoping for a diverse experience at this level.

UF's program consists of 33 credit hours that can be completed in around 2 years for most enrolled students. There are program start dates 4 times per year, making this university an excellent option for students that are prepared and ready to begin their program as soon as possible.

Another college that is currently accepting new applicants to their online program is Purdue University. This university offers an online Master's in Strategic Communication with concentration in Public Relations to incoming students interested in this field.

Purdue's program only consists of 10 courses that can be completed in 1 year. This competitive option could be an excellent choice for motivated students ready to complete their program and pursue a career in this field.

Masters Level Courses

In order to truly absorb what this degree program can provide for you, its important to review the curriculum at your chosen school. Variations in your degree specialization can create a wide range of different sub-courses during your experience, making each university unique in its course offerings.

One course that outlines the importance of digital media in the field of Public Relations is Media Relations. This course can inform students of how the internet and social media is utilized for PR purposes, as well as the shortcomings of these mediums when spreading information about an organization’s missions.

Strategic Public Communication is another course that can inform students on the importance of strategy in this field and can provide tools and case studies for students to consider before moving on to work in the field. Since most Public Relations students face the challenge of influencing large groups, it can be important to utilize strategic thinking prior to entering this field.

Some Public Relations specialists may find careers in American politics. Courses within the generalized Public Relations curriculum may include a look at Political Communication and how it is utilized from different viewpoints in this field.

Different processes for political speech-writing, information delivery, and interaction with the public may be covered in courses like this one, making it a great opportunity for upcoming professionals in this specialized area. Additional courses related to political communication may also be included in your curriculum.

The diverse online Master’s in Public Relations degree program can consist of a multitude of courses that focus on specific strategies for communication or the different functions of communication in different career fields. As a students in this program, you should be prepared to learn about these different topics and how effective practice can help you perform successfully throughout your career.

Career Options

Receiving instruction through online Master’s in Public Relations degree program can prepare you for entry into a wide range of different career options. Public Relations specialists can be beneficial professionals in the fields of business, American politics, and even in Public Affairs.

If you are intrigued by this degree program and the curriculum it offers, you should take a look at some of the most popular career options for graduates in this field. The variations of career options in this field make it a potentially beneficial degree program for students with multiple goals throughout their career.

Organizations throughout the U.S. may seek out graduates of this program to fill positions related to Media Marketing and Communications. In this specialized career field, you could take the reigns as the face of your organization, organizing speeches, writing statements, or doing interviews through different media sources.

Some PR specialists may also be recruited to organize public events on behalf of their organization, most of which having the purpose of connecting the organization with stakeholders or the general public. Public event planning can be an excellent way of transmitting information to the public domain.

In some states, local government agencies may employ Public Relations professionals to communicate with the public in the event of emergencies or crisis situations. These Crisis Management Agents may receive extensive training on emergency management plans within their jurisdiction so that they can communicate these plans to the public when needed.

Whether you are interested in marketing-type career options or those related to political communication, a degree in Public Relations can help you prepare for your career ahead. Great communication skills, strategic thinking, and the motivation to connect with the public are all personal traits that can benefit you throughout this journey.