Organizational Communication Degrees

Organizational Communication can include different forms of communication between individuals, employees, partners, and customers in the business environment. The field of business may utilize a wide array of communication techniques that can help to increase their efficiency, sales, and overall performance.

What is Organizational Communication?

This degree field can include a look into effective communication techniques between individuals and small groups, such as when providing leadership to a team or when training a group of new hires to perform their new jobs. Organizational Communication can help to increase the knowledge base of employees as well as open lines of communication between employees and their company.

At different levels, Organizational Communication can also contribute to how well organizations deliver information about their performance to stakeholders. The display of graphic data pertaining to sales, the delivery of information to new potential clients, or even effective meeting techniques can be learned throughout this program in an effort to teach students appropriate methods for internal and external communication.

Another important topic within Organizational Communication is the techniques used by organizations to communicate with the public. This area of learning can include different marketing techniques, as well as the benefits of using different forms of media to connect with end users and other potential clients.

Each of these areas can combine to create organizational effectiveness that can contribute to overall success. The purpose of this degree program is to provide learners with the skills necessary to promote growth from within their company using proven effective communication techniques.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Mass Communication Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
University of Delaware Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website

What Online Programs are There?

The journey to a career in Organization Communication can take different paths depending on your education history and current degree standing. In the technological age, a lot of new applicants to Organization Communication degree programs may be choosing the convenient online route for learning.

Online degree programs in this specialty area can be found at the bachelor's level, which would be ideal for new collegiate students. Online bachelor's programs can include those focused specifically in Communication or Organizational Communication.

While enrolled in an online bachelor's program, you may engage in discussions with other learners about important topics in each of your courses, take timed examinations through your online classroom, and even submit assignments via a drop box within the online course.

For students that have already completed a bachelor's program, online Master's in Organizational Communication could be a great resource for better career opportunities. This degree program can provide 2-3 years of additional focused learning in this specialty and can align students with career fields that are attractive to them.

During an online Master's in Organizational Communication degree program, students may be tasked with conducting research on specific topics, developing their own communication projects, and participating in group activities with varying engagement designs.

Master's-level learners may also have the option of programs that can include internships or on-campus intensives to help translate learning to experience. Some colleges offer these types of experiences and same may not, so you should always research what is included within your program prior to applying.

Organizational Communication Degrees

One of the most profound steps on your path to becoming an Organizational Communication specialist is choosing the right degree program. You can potentially find an abundance of online degree options through an internet search that can put you in touch with programs that can help you get the job you want.

Our team of educational experts has searched through different programs in order to find examples that may be best fitting for you. There are many diverse degree options in Organizational Communication that can provide you with the skills you need to be a dynamic communicator in the field.

Northeastern University currently accepts applicants into its online Master of Corporate and Organizational Communication. This online program was designed to create effective and accurate organizational communicators functioning at a wide variety of career levels.

The courses within this degree program can help you learn more about corporate structures and the cultural within large-scale organizations. Students choosing this program can complete it within 1-2 years at standard, full-time enrollment.

Another provider of reliable online programs is Western Virginia University. This university currently provides an online Master of Arts in Corporate and Organization Communication for you to consider for your future.

Like most master's-level programs, students participating in this degree option can expect to contribute 2-3 years to gaining their degree at this university. The courses within this program may focus on the needs of effective communicators between organizations and employees, as well as between organizations and the public.

Organizational Communication Courses

The courses that you take during your program can essentially be the substance by which you practice in the field. Colleges may offer a variation of courses depending on the specialty of their degree program, but generally teach similar topics for optimum professional skill development.

Communication in the Organization is a prime course that can be found in most Organization Communication degree programs. The goal of this course is to teach patterns of communication as they are applied in the corporate and organizational setting.

Organizational Culture and Research can also be useful courses for learners interested in bringing their communication expertise into the corporate setting. This course can provide some insight into the hierarchy structure of organizations, as well as common work cultures associated with various organizational structures.

Since the goal of the Organizational Communicator can be to share ideas, teach, and influence, courses focusing on persuasive communication and instruction can also be commonly found within these programs. Through study and practice in these courses, you could potentially learn skills to promote success throughout the life of your career.

Specific communication courses related to strategic communication and conflict resolution can be great complements to the core courses taken during your degree experience. As you progress through the program, you can learn more about the process of communication and how it can be applied when working with diverse people in the organizational environment.

Career Options

One of the most intriguing factors about a degree in Organizational Communication is that it can be applied in many different career settings at many different levels. Communication in the corporate and organization structure can be important to growth, training, advertising, and influence.

If you pursue a degree within this field, you can seek out careers being offered in the field of business. Some common career titles can include human resource director, director of communications, corporate trainer, and branch management.

Organizational Communication degree programs could also prepare you for working in structures at the government level, since their tiers of communication can be similar to what is found in the business environment. Government positions can be found in offices at the local, state, and national level.

Other career fields that can benefit from the expertise of Organization Communications graduates include education, healthcare, and media. Each of these career areas may employ communication specialists to help with communicating policies and procedures to the public, outreach to students or customers, and public health and affairs.

Students that have an interest in communication and would like to try their hand in corporations or organization can pursue online Organizational Communication programs to help gain the skillsl they need to succeed.