Massachusetts Communications Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
University of Delaware Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication
Specialize in either Public Relations or Digital and Social Media—or choose your own electives to design the program that best matches your career goals.

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At this time, there are no institutions in the state of Massachusetts that has been designated by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC). Programs holding accreditation from this organization go through the work of self-reviewing and meet specific criteria ensuring quality education can be gained in the fields of digital media and communication.

While some institutions in Massachusetts may still provide quality education, gaining accreditation by the ACEJMC provides scholarships and internship opportunities that would not be available through programs receiving this designation. There are 117 total programs holding this designation from the ACEJMC around the world.

Top Locations for Communications Schools and Job Opportunities in Massachusetts

Despite having a top-10 television market in Boston, which does stretch into the states of New Hampshire and Vermont, there are no ACEJMC-accredited institutions located in the state of Massachusetts. However, there are plenty of job opportunities for those that have completed higher education in the communications field.

A few local institutions, such as Boston University and Northeastern University, have opportunities for communications managers and specialists. Other organizations include Boston Children's Hospital, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, and EF Education First.

Media Organizations in Massachusetts

Journalism positions are abundant and high-paying within Boston as well. The Boston Globe and The Boston Herald are popular daily newspapers, and alternative publications include the weekly Boston Business Journal, monthly LGBTQ newspaper The Rainbow Times, and the monthly Boston Magazine, which focuses on lifestyle and entertainment.

Broadcast media includes all the traditional national affiliates with the Boston market spreading through most of Massachusetts. In addition, local cable stations such as New England Cable News, New England Sports Network, and NBC Sports Boston.

School Level Program Admissions
Maryville University Bachelor Bachelor of Arts in Communication
The online BA in Communication from Maryville University will equip you with effective communication, media analysis, and writing skills. Choose from two concentrations. No SAT or ACT scores required.
Maryville University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership
Earn your Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership online — with built-in prep for industry certifications — from Maryville University. Analyze today’s trends and anticipate tomorrow’s.
University of West Alabama Bachelor Bachelor of Arts/Science Integrated Marketing Communications
Gain hands-on multimedia experience in several areas as you study web design, social media, news writing, photography, graphic and interior design, video, and event planning.
University of West Alabama Master Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications
Graduates of this program are prepared for management-level work with clients in advertising and communications settings.
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.

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Campus-based and online Communications programs in Massachusetts

Massachusetts Journalism and Communications Careers, Salaries, and Associations

There is high concentration and annual mean salary estimates for editors within the Boston-Cambridge-Nashua metropolitan area according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Over 2,800 workers are represented in the area, which is only lower than more densely-populated areas like Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Chicago.

This location also is the top-paying metropolitan area in the entire United States with the annual mean wage coming up at $92,610. That is over $7,000 more than the next-highest location, Columbus in Ohio.

With over 1,000 reporters and correspondents throughout the state, and majority of the concentration within the Boston area, there is also significantly high pay for these positions. The annual mean salary is estimated at $53,140, and that number can jump to over $89,500 for the top 10 percent of the population.

This is somewhat on par, and slightly lower than some of the other states in the Northeastern portion of the country. Public relations specialists also see high payment on average with the median salary coming in at $62,290, and the Boston metropolitan area has the eight-highest employment in the country.

Massachusetts Broadcasters Association

The Massachusetts Broadcasters Association (MBA) is a trade association that has over 200 radio and television broadcasters represented throughout the state. It was established back in 1954 and offers assistance with legal issues on a state and national level, provides seminars for professionals to sharpen and enhance their skills, and networking opportunities for workers that are looking to establish relationships and seek further employment.

Becoming a full member requires specific fees based on the type of broadcasting format and whether it is located in Boston or somewhere else in Massachusetts. Other special features within the MBA include the Continuing Education Reimbursement Program, Paid Internship Program, and Student Broadcaster Scholarship.

Ad Club

Based in Boston, the Ad Club is a New England-based association that has an emphasis in professional development, networking, and advocacy toward the communications industry. They have numerous events in the area, such as the annual Women’s Leadership Forum which brings together important female executives from various organizations and The Rosoff Awards recognizing diversity and inclusion on a yearly basis.

Media Innovation Day focuses on innovative technology and places that are improving creativity with technology and implementing data-driven techniques. Other resources include a job board for prospective employees and getting the latest marketing topics and news from the association’s podcast, Between Milk and Water.