New Jersey Communications Degrees

School Level Program Admissions
Seton Hall University Online MBA Marketing Concentration
AACSB Accredited

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The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC) designates specific programs within the field of communications for institutions that perform self-evaluations and submit a request to be accredited. These programs are then reviewed on set criteria and over the course of multiple years, they receive accreditation.

At this time, there are no accredited programs in the state of New Jersey. In total, the ACEJMC has accredited 117 different institutions. For residents in New Jersey seeking accredited programs, there are a number of options in the neighboring state of New York, which include undergraduate and graduate programs in journalism, public relations, advertising, and more.

Top Locations for Communications Schools and Job Opportunities in New Jersey

While there are no universities in the state of New Jersey that have accreditation from the ACEJMC, there are plenty of digital media and communications jobs. Newark, which is part of the New York City metro area, boasts the highest population total in the state of New Jersey with over 283,000 people. provides affiliation with 12 different newspapers in New Jersey, providing the largest website for the latest news in politics, entertainment, and sports. Heading further south in the state, The Press of Atlantic City has top viewership for digital media news in the region. The Trentonian is the top daily newspaper that covers the state's capital city, Trenton.

Jersey City has numerous opportunities within banking and finance, which can provide opportunities in marketing and communications. One of the top public relations agencies is Jungle Communications, providing some of the best marketing strategies to their clients. They have the ability to promote various products or services that the organization provides, especially when working with nonprofits.

Hoboken is another popular location in the state that provides high-level PR firms. Some of the top local organizations include Paragon and Litzky Public Relations.

School Level Program Admissions
Maryville University Bachelor Bachelor of Arts in Communication
The online BA in Communication from Maryville University will equip you with effective communication, media analysis, and writing skills. Choose from two concentrations. No SAT or ACT scores required.
Maryville University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership
Earn your Master of Arts in Strategic Communication and Leadership online — with built-in prep for industry certifications — from Maryville University. Analyze today’s trends and anticipate tomorrow’s.
University of West Alabama Bachelor Bachelor of Arts/Science Integrated Marketing Communications
Gain hands-on multimedia experience in several areas as you study web design, social media, news writing, photography, graphic and interior design, video, and event planning.
University of West Alabama Master Master of Arts in Integrated Marketing Communications
Graduates of this program are prepared for management-level work with clients in advertising and communications settings.
University of Texas Permian Basin Bachelor Online BA in Communication
Multiple tracks: Communication Studies, Strategic Messaging, Professional Communication, Sports Media.

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Campus-based and online Communications programs in New Jersey

New Jersey Journalism and Communications Careers, Salaries, and Associations

Editing positions in New Jersey are very common with over 3,000 positions being accounted for according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. As New Jersey is connected to the New York City metropolitan area, there is more employment accounted for and there are high annual mean wages when comparing to other locations.

Statewide, New Jersey still has a median salary figure of $70,710, and that can grow into at least $116,000 for employees within the top 10 percent. Job concentration is also fairly high in this location, only beaten by the Charlottesville and Glens Falls metro areas across the country.

There are over 11,300 positions for marketing managers in the state of New Jersey, which also gives it the fifth-highest concentration of this executive position based on other states. With its connection to New York, there is no surprise that it ranks as the second-highest state for annual mean salary with approximately $177,300. The Trenton metropolitan area pays over $196,000 for the executive position, only beaten out by San Jose in California.

The New Jersey Communications, Advertising, and Marketing Association (NJCAMA) was founded in 1986 and is a nonprofit organization that provides services to improve professionals in all of these industries. Specific goals they have set include implementing optimal development programs that increase their members’ skill sets and creating a networking system that helps improve professional individuals.

They highlight responsibility for the development of the entire communications field in the state of New Jersey. Member benefits include discounts for various activities and events, and discounts on services that may have sponsorship toward the organization.