Wyoming Communications Degrees

There are no institutions that have programs accredited by the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (ACEJMC) in the state of Wyoming. Having this designation does not discount the available communication degrees within the state, but programs that have received this designation are part of a network of over 100 other institutions within the field of digital media and communications.

There are nine different standards that the ACEJMC have set and must be met, which include setting guided mission statements and student goals with evidence that this improves the industry the student is pursuing, faculty members must demonstrate professionalism within the field, and the school must have valuable and unique resources available for students to explore. Residents in Wyoming that are looking for an accredited program can look at institutions from neighboring states, such as Colorado, Nebraska, and South Dakota.

Here is a quick view of schools with communications degrees in Wyoming:

Top Locations for Communications Schools and Job Opportunities in Wyoming

Cheyenne and Casper are the biggest cities in the state of Wyoming that provide digital media and communication careers for prospective workers. The primary newspaper publication based in Cheyenne is the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, distributed daily. Two other publications include the military-based Warren Sentinel released weekly and the Wyoming Business Report released monthly.

Gray Television is one of the owners of network television affiliates in the area. While not accredited by the ACEJMC, the University of Wyoming provides opportunities in marketing and multimedia coordination, and the campus is located in Laramie.

Public Relations in Wyoming

Public relations opportunities are generally located in the Cheyenne area an Western portion of the state. Based in Cheyenne, Colloquium specializes in the organization and marketing of conferences around the world under various topics in science and health. Specifically, they have held conferences within health care, engineering, and pharmaceutics.

Their goal is to bring in experts and leaders in their industry to provide an engaging experience for conference attendees. The organization provides guidelines for speaker presentations and has a portfolio of events they have held on their website.

School Level Program Admissions
Drake University Bachelor BA in Journalism & Mass Communication Website
American University Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website
Campbellsville University Associate AS Mass Communication Website
Johns Hopkins University AAP Master MA in Communication Website
University of Delaware Master Master of Arts in Strategic Communication Website

Campus-based and online Communications programs in Wyoming

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Wyoming Journalism and Communications Careers, Salaries, and Associations

Advertising sales agents in the state of Wyoming are located throughout the state, but have slightly higher concentration in the eastern half and in Cheyenne with over half of the estimated 240 workers according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Annual salaries across the state are approximately $47,700. That is significantly boosted by career opportunities in Cheyenne – the annual mean salary for that metropolitan area is at $72,710.

Employment for public relations specialists across Wyoming are mostly located in the western half of the state and in Cheyenne, representing approximately 65 percent of those working in this particular field. Estimated job concentration level for PR specialists in Cheyenne is at a rate of 2.94 employees per 1,000 in the workforce.

This competition drives up the annual mean wage in the metropolitan area to over $72,400. That is higher than the state annual average of $60,940 and on par with the various metropolitan areas to the south in the state of Colorado (Greeley, Fort Collins, Denver, etc.).

Wyoming Association of Municipalities

The Wyoming Association of Municipalities has a goal to increase educational opportunities. They provide these communities the needs they are advocating for, such as improvement on facilities and utilities.

This includes the passing of specific legislation, training opportunities for staff in local government, and the communication of all the latest developments to the community, stakeholders, and members of WAM. The association is governed by mayors, council members, and various representatives from local government agencies.